Negotiation Intelligence
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Face to face (recommended) or Virtual
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2 days
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Middle to Senior Managers
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buy.nsw Supplier Hub, VendorPanel and AusTender

Give yourself a competitive advantage in every negotiation

Negotiation is more than price and timing, it can also be used to position or add value, finalise contracts and improve terms & conditions. Honing your negotiation intelligence can increase your performance and give you more favourable outcomes more consistently. This workshop gives you a fully integrated approach to negotiation, applicable to every aspect of your role. It will also help you prepare and improve your performance in what can sometimes be challenging, politically sensitive or contentious situations.


The practical nature of this workshop incorporates both theory and skills practice to improve how you set objectives, gather information and understand the stakeholders, so you can identify the difference between your thinking and theirs. The content then moves to developing your strategy through thorough preparation, refining tactics and educating yourself on the tactics that your audience may try with you. Finally, the workshop takes a thorough look at effective negotiation execution.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand their own negotiation style and identify the style of others to gain better results
  • Rely on increased confidence in their own negotiation style and skills
  • Conduct effective stakeholder analysis to establish the appropriate approach for specific negotiation situations
  • Maintain the relationship without devaluing their own position
  • Use a core framework to plan and prepare for strategic negotiations
  • Communicate more effectively through adequate positioning
  • Deal more effectively with difficult people
  • Identify and use tactics and techniques for simple and complex negotiations as well as for internal and external negotiations.

Superior negotiation skills can give you a competitive edge in almost every aspect of business.


  • Personal Attributes
  • Relationships
  • Results

  • Individual Development Coaching
  • Interview Skills Coaching

Really valuable insight and strategies to improve my skills - in what has always been a challenging process.

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