Writing Reports

  for Government



This highly interactive and practical workshop provides techniques to write effective, clear and concise reports meeting Government requirements. Participants work individually and in pairs/small groups to plan and practice writing samples throughout the day.

Learning outcomes and course content

  • Understand the challenges of report writing
  • Why planning is so important to producing a clear and concise report
  • Define the purpose of your writing and what makes an effective report
  • Understand your audience and why this is crucial to effective writing
  • Writing for Impact
  • How to make your reports ‘reader-friendly’
  • How to make the purpose of your report clear to your reader
  • How to use different structures to achieve impactful writing
  • Bullet points and keeping concise
  • Analyse which layout is most effective
  • How to best use graphics and tables when needed
  • How to write in Plain English, using correct grammar and punctuation and ensuring your language is reader-friendly
  • Why evaluating and proof-reading your reports is crucial
  • The importance of an executive summary
  • Professional presentation


Key Details

Duration: Full day

Recommended audience: Anyone required to compose written reports both for internal and external audiences.

Maximum Participants: 12



Capability Framework Alignment

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Results   People Management1 



“Great workshop – especially for those with English as a second language.”   

“The layout structures are very helpful as is the reference book.” Dept of Family & Community Services


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