Tailored to NSW Public Sector GSE Act 2013,

    Commonwealth Public Sector and Fair Work

    Australia Requirements


Conducting workplace misconduct investigations is one of the most challenging duties undertaken and handling them appropriately, fairly and in a timely manner can mitigate Industrial or legal actions. Investigating allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct requires experienced and trained investigators who possess sound judgement, a thorough understanding of a fair, legally sound and effective investigative process.

This comprehensive 1-2 day program will develop and enhance skills for all participants through interactive learning and practical techniques. The workshop provides strategies to confidently investigate matters from low level workplace misconduct up to serious levels of misconduct or criminal matters.

Learning outcomes and course content

  • Role and responsibilities for an investigation within relevant legal and policy framework (tailored)
  • The principles of Natural Justice and Procedural Fairness and Standards of Proof required
  • Assessing the seriousness of alleged misconduct and structuring an investigation accordingly
  • Recognising when a risk assessment is required, a conflict of interest or other aspects arise requiring referral, declarations or notifications
  • The rights & responsibilities of all parties involved
  • Developing terms of reference, the importance of timeliness and investigation planning
  • Developing interview questions appropriate for the situation and parties involved
  • Strategies for managing all parties, support people and/or external agencies involved
  • Effective interviewing techniques and structuring/recording formal records of interview
  • Remaining focused, relevant and effective in difficult or complex cases
  • Gathering and evaluating evidence from a variety of sources based on the weight of evidence and the balance of probabilities
  • Analysing all evidence and drawing conclusions to make sound findings of fact. Correctly determining a breach of policy and if required making appropriate workplace recommendations
  • Appropriately handling different sources of evidence and accurate records management
  • Providing information and feedback to all parties involved
  • Writing Investigation reports that are thorough & reliable


Key Details

Duration: One or two full days

Recommended audience: Anyone required to potentially undertake investigations into misconduct matters

Maximum Participants: 15


Capability Framework Alignment

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“Very practical, small group, very interactive, I learned a lot!”


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