This workshop provides individuals and teams 
the opportunity to audit their current work practices and acquire tools and techniques to better manage their time, energy and focus in the workplace.

An engaging, involving, and interactive workshop that includes goal-setting, prioritisation, effectiveness, inbox management, better meetings, collaboration and delegation.

How we are seen to handle large amounts of information and workload is a modern standard of successful people and a core life skill.By better management of our time, energy and focus we can avoid stress and will greatly increase our personal and professional effectiveness.

The day leads from a broad understanding of issues around time management to a personal action plan to implement immediately.


Learning outcomes and course content

  • Planning and prioritising daily activities in a more efficient and effective manner to improve personal and organisational productivity
  • Integrating personal goals with company goals
  • Understand effectiveness over efficiency
  • Recognising ‘High Impact/High Value’ tasks
  • Organising work schedules for self and team
  • Prioritisation matrix
  • How to better manage interuptions and distractions and overcome procrastination
  • Effective strategies and techniques to manage your time, energy and focus
  • Managing your email 
  • Run meetings in order to achieve results in a timely manner
  • Use of lists, calendars and technology to increase efficiency
  • Tips on how to collaborate, delegate and delete your tasks

Key Details

Duration: One day

Recommended audience:
This workshop is applicable to anyone who has to manage multiple tasks daily

Maximum Participants: 12



Capability Framework Alignment

Personal Attributes1



Results1     People Management1



“The training was extremely relevant and highlighted many ways to improve individually and as a team.  The trainer was great – flexible and willing to discuss real situations/ problems.”
Dept of Family and Community Services 


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