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This workshop optimistically examines retirees’ options, helps them to determine what they want in retirement and how to go about achieving their goals. 

Learning outcomes and course content

  • Analyse current work/life situation
  • Understand the losses and fears of retirement
  • Explore their optimal work/non-work options. How to design your next 30 years.
  • Write a covering letter and resume for volunteer work
  • Design a successful retirement plan
  • Importance of health and wellbeing in retirement
  • Budgeting and discounts are available
  • Being assertive and saying ‘no’ effectively to maintain time boundaries
  • Plan transition and set goals


Key Details

Duration: Half day

Recommended audience: Employees contemplating retirement or reduced work hours

Maximum Participants: 15


Capability Framework Alignment

Personal Attributes1



    People Management1 



The information they presented was relevant and well researched, covered many topics and left everyone feeling positive about their future.”


Specialist trainers in:

Writing Job Applications & Interview Skills

Merit Assessment


Communication Skills

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