Stress in the



This practical workshop is aimed at helping employees reduce and manage their current stress levels at work and appreciate the importance of self-care.

It is evidence based on the latest neuroscience dealing with how stress affects our bodies and brains.

Learning outcomes and course content

  • What stress looks like for all of us and how we currently manage it – good and bad.
  • The neurobiology of stress to understand the physiological affects it has on our bodies and brains and ultimately our long term mental and physical health.
  • Your circle of concern/influence
  • The Transactional Analysis model
  • Increasing resilience
  • What factors we need to incorporate into our life to manage stress more effectively based on latest neuroscience.
  • Developing practical strategies to manage stress levels to improve health and work performance.
  • Developing a personal self-care plan


Key Details

Duration: Half day

Recommended audience: Anyone undergoing or anticipating work-related stress or challenges

Maximum Participants: 15


Capability Framework Alignment

Personal Attributes1






“Provided a much needed focus on managing work  stress.” 

“Enjoyable, relevant and relatable” Dept of Family & Community Services


Specialist trainers in:

Writing Job Applications & Interview Skills

Merit Assessment


Communication Skills

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