Learn how to gain the most from every type of meeting you chair or attend. This course focuses on the key communication skills required for the participants to develop into a well-prepared meeting chairperson in addition to being fully aware and active participant.

Learning outcomes and course content

  • Characteristics of a successful meeting and the contributing causes of ineffective meetings
  • Your role as meeting leader
  • Preparation and organisation prior to the meeting – Writing an effective agenda, invitations, who should attend
  • Opening with impact
  • Organisation during the meeting—how to chair, establishing rules, keeping attendees on track with the agenda and conversations
  • Communication —one person speaking at a time, showing respect, listening skills
  • Managing different styles of meeting participants- quiet and talkative people
  • Managing dysfunctional behaviour in a meeting
  • Reading body language
  • Execution, close & follow up
  • Virtual meetings – managing conference call meetings or video link meeting.
  • Time management skills – starting and ending on time, agenda items having relevant time assigned to them
  • Conclusion at a meeting – agree on action plans, who is doing what, positive close
  • Follow up after the meeting

Key Details

Duration: Half day

Recommended audience:
This workshop is applicable to anyone who has to plan and chair internal and external meetings

Maximum Participants: 15

Capability Framework Alignment

Personal Attributes1



 Results People Management1 


“The training was professionally delivered, relaxed, informative and the presenter was willing to discuss issues indepth. Very valuable” 



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