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Managing staff through change requires careful planning and thoughtful implementation.

This workshop identifies common reasons for resistance to change, helps participants understand how staff behave during times of stress and uncertainty, and explores effective techniques to inspire new perspectives so that organisational goals are realised. Communication is key!

Learning outcomes and course content 

  • Identify the driving forces of change within organisations
  • Determine and differentiate between the various stages of change, and its common effects on attitude and morale
  • Reactions and resistance to change – strategies for managing teams through the process and combatting negativity
  • Skills and techniques used to plan, implement and monitor change successfully
  • Transactional Analysis and Triangular Conversations— two effective communication models
  • Understand the transition phases and the learn techniques to assist others through these different phases
  • Reflection on your role as leader in the context of change and the personal challenges this creates
  • Action plans to reinforce the change and assist staff adaptation and progress forward.



Key Details

Duration: Full day

Recommended audience: Managers and Supervisors leading teams through a period of current or planned change.

Maximum Participants: 15



Capability Framework Alignment

Personal Attributes1



Results   People Management1 




“The content was very relevant and well explained. Questions were answered well and with respect. An excellent workshop.


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