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Positive Psychology is the study of optimal functioning. Since its birth in 1998, there has been a fundamental shift in psychology from focusing on what is wrong with us, to what is right with us.  The field has since gathered huge momentum and the science of Positive Psychology now offers proven tools and strategies to help organisations foster excellence, resilience, engagement and creativity.  With a fast growing body of research and a plethora of evidence backing it up, Positive Psychology is becoming a central part of best practice training and development across sectors.

In this introductory workshop we explore the science and practice of positive psychology.  You will gain a powerful overview of the emerging science as well as “busy proof” strategies to enhance engagement, resilience and leadership in your professional and personal life. 

This one day course has been created to target learning and development capability needs as addressed in the current NSW Public Sector Capability Framework (2013).

Learning outcomes and course content

  • Positive Psychology: what it is and how it can be applied in your workplace
  • The science behind peak performance
  • The concept of Flow at work and how it can be implemented through the Flow Tool
  • Identify signature strengths in yourself, your colleagues and your team
  • The PERMA model
  • The difference is between a fixed and growth mindset
  • Develop ways to promote a growth mindset culture with colleagues
  • Ways to reframe challenging situations into positive opportunities
  • Plan customised positive psychology interventions for yourself and your workplace


Key Details

Duration: Full day

Recommended audience: 
Anyone required to compose written communications both internally and externally

Maximum Participants: 12


Capability Framework Alignment

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“A really insightful workshop and helpful in understanding mindsets in the workplace.”


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Writing Job Applications & Interview Skills

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