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Through interactive learning, this workshop provides participants with a proper understanding of how to conduct business ethically and respectfully, while upholding your organisation’s core values.

Ethics within the workplace includes the application of morals, principles, standards of behaviour, codes of conduct and ethical and respectful standards to everyday business transactions. 

The Respectful Workplace component of this training identifies appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviours and describes appropriate ways to respond, with a focus on solutions, to promote a positive work environment. It also details how off-duty behaviours can directly impact on the workplace. 

Learning outcomes and course content

  • Understanding what ethics and professional conduct is about and identifying the characteristics of a respectful workplace
  • Recognising the relevant NSW Public Sector and Agency core values as stated in the respective NSW Government and Organisational Codes of Ethics and Respectful Workplace policies
  • Knowing the ethical obligations for working in the public interest, including external agency/legal obligations and the consequences of unethical conduct
  • Identifying unethical behaviours, understanding how ethical dilemmas may arise and how they should be handled/reported
  • Understanding how ethics and professional standards constitute the foundation of a respectful workplace
  • Understanding your legislative responsibilities in promoting respect and in preventing/reporting discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace (including workplace policy requirements)
  • Understanding the different elements of reporting frameworks
  • Defining what is not bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • Understanding how to establish and maintain an ethical culture that provides for respectful workplaces
  • Sharing practical preventative steps to boost awareness at work
  • Understanding appropriate interventions for dealing with discrimination, harassment and bullying issues – both formally and informally


Key Details

Duration: Full day

Recommended audience: Staff, supervisors, managers and leaders

Maximum Participants: 15


Capability Framework Alignment

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