All organisations experience critical issues from both internal and external sources. Managing uncomfortable or difficult conversations can be very challenging.

This workshop analyses ways in which participants can more effectively prepare for and conduct a difficult conversation. The course is highly interactive and includes analysis of specific case studies and practice sessions.

Learning outcomes and course content

  • Understand how to communicate effectively and create conditions for healthy dialogue
  • How to prepare to set up conversations to succeed
  • Depersonalising conversations by reframing to stay neutral
  • Shift positions from blaming to problem solving
  • How to manage emotions
  • Exploring your own style under stress
  • Tactics to use when opinions vary
  • How to recognise when others don’t feel safe in a conversation and how to restore that safety
  • Challenging with respect
  • Ways to manage stress
  • Practical applications and role plays
  • Prepare and practice having a successful conversation around a difficult issue



Key Details

Duration: Full Day

Recommended audience: Anyone in your business who are undertaking critical conversations.

Maximum Participants: 15



Capability Framework Alignment

Personal Attributes1







“The role plays were a very valuable part of the day”

“Some conversations can lead to feeling anxious, the tips on preparing for success will be extremely useful”


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Writing Job Applications & Interview Skills

Merit Assessment


Communication Skills

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