Pitch Statement Applications and Interview Skills

(Australian Public Service)



This comprehensive workshop has been designed to guide applicants with their written submissions and interview techniques when applying for roles within the Australian Public Service.

Whether a first-time applicant or someone experienced with this process this workshop focuses on providing participants with the knowledge and skills required to prepare a winning written job application and how to confidently present information about their skills and experience at interview for maximum impact.

Our trainers are all highly experienced with extensive backgrounds in the public sector and specialise in recruitment and selection process training.

Learning outcomes

  • understand the different recruitment and selection requirements under a merit-based process;
  • know how to critically examine an advertisement and Duty Statement and understand the job application requirements;
  • understand the APS pitch application process and its role in recruitment and selection processes;
  • write a job application answering any required questions – including the various elements that may be required e.g. pitch summary/statement of claims and resume using the STAR technique where appropriate;
  • preparation for interview – understanding how to develop responses, answer behaviouraly based questions, apply strategies to overcome nerves and practical role play of scenarios in a friendly, supported environment to improve your presentation and personal power at interview


Course Content

  • Applying for a job in the APS
  • Principles of pitching and the current approach to recruitment and selection
  • Overview APS Work Level Standards
  • The ‘STAR’ technique
  • Practical – drafting a pitch document
  • High quality, concise and effective writing
  • Resume writing and adding depth to your CV/Resume with achievements
  • Behaviourally based questions and developing an example matrix
  • Practical – confidently talking about your strengths
  • Developing and responding to questions
  • Interview skills practice and managing nerves
  • Preparing for the interview and gaining confidence

Key Details

Duration: Full day or can be delivered as two separated modules

Recommended audience: APS role candidates – anyone from a first time applicant to those requiring refinement of their writing submission and interview techniques.

Maximum Participants: 15



“Proved very useful in reaffirming the things I already knew, but also suggested several new ideas. Discussion about the Capability Framework proved very useful as this is new to me"
Historic Houses Trust 


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