Often our job requires us to influence people, whether up, across or down.  It may take the form of gaining support, inspiring others, persuading stakeholders to become your champions, or creating relationships.

Whatever form it takes, being an excellent influencer can reduce stress, save time and is helpful for the broader teams functioning and performance.

Learning outcomes and course content

  • Recognise the importance and value of positive influence
  • Identify the key behaviours of effective influencers
  • Understand when and how to apply different influencing tactics in different circumstances and for different audiences
  • Prepare and position a message to ensure a persuasive argument
  • Understand the characteristics of appealing through inspiration
  • Influence a wider audience of people, inside and outside your organisation, and use influencing skills to gain buy-in across multiple layers of management
  • Understand the key aspects of trust and how to strategically build them to enhance relationships


Key Details

Duration: Full day

Recommended audience:
Anyone in the position of influencing and persuading internal and external stakeholders

Maximum Participants: 12


Capability Framework Alignment

Personal Attributes1



 Results   People Management1 



 “Fantastic – really enjoyed this course and found that it has added to my leadership understanding and knowledge further.” 



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